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Would you like to support NR and its projects for Milan?

Become a supporter or a normal member.
If you are a citizen of Milan, read here: with a minimum contribution of €5, you can support the project and take part in the activities of NR.

If you belong to an organisation, read here: with a minimum contribution of €50, you become part of an innovative project and you can enjoy some of the benefits, including conventions for taking part at training courses and for the use of the headquarters’ spaces in via Marsala 8.
Any organisation that deals with any of these disciplines, can become a supporter.

Normal member
If you are an organisation: with a minimum contribution of €50, your organisation becomes part of the network of NR. Additionally, those that work and interact in the public space of Milan using a consecutive approach with an urban and social transformation’s perspective, can be part of the network and become normal members.

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